The industries Reunited Raymundo da Fonte were born from a dream: to bring well-being and quality of life to the homes of all Brazilians.

Today, in its portfolio, leading brands in efficiency and results meet the most diverse domestic needs. There are more than 350 cleaning products, personal hygiene, condiments and insecticides, which since 1946 are part of your family.

A work committed to the environment and to people, which is confirmed by our responsibility to invest in educational projects, continuous training and the valuation of our employees and communities.

Actions that bring benefits, innovative solutions and an appropriate cost-benefit for both our customers and the end consumer.


To contribute to the people to have a better life, with good habits of personal hygiene and of the home,
bringing more flavor to the day to day.


Commitment: Work with focus on quality, safety and results.

Respect: Valuing people.

Ethics: Act with integrity and righteousness.

Simplicity: Be practical and objective.


  • Simplifica. Tá Limpo. É Brilux. 2019

  • Todo mundo pode cozinhar 2019

  • Sonho. Faz a diferença. 2019


With the production being carried out in 5 factories strategically in different cities, the Reunidas Raymundo da Fonte Industries facilitate their logistics processes, allowing to distribute all products throughout the country.

Paulista - PE

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Rodovia PE-015, S/N, km 14
Vila Torres Galvão | CEP 53403-810
(81) 3437.8200

Salvador - BA

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Rua da Mauritânia, 195, Lote XV
Granjas Rurais Presidente Vargas | CEP 41230-040
(71) 3390.1800

Belém - PA

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Rodovia Artur Bernardes, 8297
Tapanã (Icoaraci) | CEP 66825-000
(91) 3204.2900

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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Rua Iramaia, 74
Parada de Lucas | CEP 21010-050
(21) 2485.2030

Horizonte - CE

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Avenida Juarez Correia Lima, 179
Distrito Industrial | CEP 62884-795
(85) 3255-5050